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is to produce advertising. Good advertising. So good that our clients are happy. And we are too. That isn’t always easy. After all, our work is intended for people. And we know how different they can be, as you do. We take into account how purchase decisions are made, what the secret motivators are, and how we can appeal to the hearts of consumers. What drives us is the desire to mold design processes.


are clear. They serve to safeguard and develop our customers’ businesses and our own. We shape change. We take responsibility. We show initiative. And we pursue our goals relentlessly. That, also, is not easy. But with openness and trust, reliability, fairness and resourcefulness, we work towards achieving joint success. Our business goal is the sustainable success of our customers.


is the product of time. We have learnt much, have experienced much, have tried much. We have lost, we have won, and we have been successful. We have put blood, sweat and tears into the creation of brands, corporate identities, corporate design and everything that goes with it. We put 20 years of agency experience to work for you.


is to make your vision come true. We want to mobilize employees, captivate consumers, launch products, and transport messages. We want to inform and we want to emotionalize. We want to turn communication into an experience. We want to support you wherever you need us, and we want to do that together with you.



takes time. The construction and positioning of a brand is no short-term process. A brand is the result of the gradual building of trust. Performance claims have to be carefully chosen and then, and this is vital, fulfilled. “What counts is carefully thinking of many things, so that the consumer later on buys without having to think.”

Corporate Branding

All power to the brand!
Corporate branding with Club of Communication. This is how we do it in six simple steps:

1. Brand and identity analysis:
Analysis of the brand history, of strengths and weaknesses, self- and public-image, targets, strategies and actions.

2. Market analysis:
Assessment of the competition; examination of current and future brand developments; definition of target groups and purchase motivators.

3. Positioning:
Evaluation of the existing market position. This informs optimal positioning and subsequent translation into a brand architecture.

4. Brand architecture:
Definition of the key brand characteristics leading to umbrella brand strategies; expansion of the brand or development of sub-brands; the building of successful brands.

5. Wording:
Choice of name and development of a slogan; testing of its suitability for the market, for use internationally and on the Internet; registration with the help of our partner solicitors.

6. Corporate design:
Creation or revision of visual images for all media and implementation in digital format.


The power of ideas. We are driven by the will to create processes. That is why we are: Forward thinkers. Independent thinkers. Lateral thinkers. Far-sighted – as a matter of principle. Ready to get involved in and develop solutions for unusual problems. Our business category is B2B. We look after businesses from all sectors of industry. That includes companies in the service industries or from high-tech fields, but we also work for non-profit organizations. The long-term success of our customers is our business goal. Our solutions creatively cut to the chase.


Club of Communication offers a pool of experts with great problem-solving capabilities. As our customer, you decide on the size of the team that works for you. This amount of flexibility requires experience – which we have. Our experience is proven in the areas of corporate branding and integrated communications. This amount of know-how requires advanced technology – and with us, you get state of the art.


Below are a number of examples of Club of Communication’s successful brand communication in B2B, B2C and the non-profit sector.


Burkhard Nobbe

Managing director, owner and lateral thinker - with more than 20 years of experience in brand management and successful communication strategies.

Frank Pauly

Picture researcher, managing director and communication designer – preserver of good looks in corporate design.

Daniela Rademacher

Organizer, planner and trained advertising manager – keeps things firmly in hand with regard to budget, appointments and controlling.


We are here for you in person at the following address between 8:30 am and 6.00 pm:

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